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Field Fence, also called Farm Fence, Cattle Fence, House Fence, Grassland Fence, Sheep Fence, Stockade Fence. It is suitable for borders in fields and grassland for breeding of deer, cattle and other animals. Field Fence is produced with hot dipped galvanized wire. Furthermore, it is another effective, economical wildlife-proof fence, Simple in structure, Easy maintenance, etc.

1.Structure Simple, netting solid
2.Artistic and Practical
3.Hingh strength, fence steel
4.Beautiful apprearance, wide view
5.Easy installation, bright and comfortble feeling .Also known as protective nets, widely used in airport, highway, railway, stadiums, parks, lawns, recreation fields, fences and other animals. Electric galvanized iron wire material, thermal galvanized iron wire, PVC wire and plastic packages, such as stainless steel wire. In particular, plastic bag (PVC) fencing wire mesh wire inexpensive, durable.

Corrosion resistance, anti-aging, sun-proof ect.

 Field Fence   Field Fence  
 Field Fence   Field Fence