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Products Detail

stitching flat wire uses the low carbon steel wire. The surface treatment is galvanized and copper coated. Our mainly sale galvanized stitching flat wire. Used for making staples,paper clip, material wire for binding paper and books
electro galvanized and copper coated.

1.8mmx0.8,2.0mmx0.7mm,2.25mmx0.55mm,2.5mmx0.5mm,2.6mmx0.5mm.The width and thickness can as buyer request.

Galvanized stitching wire with good surface smoothness and stong corrosion resistance , the surface with Mirror treatment,looks bright and beautiful.

used for paper cartons,tents,also used as buckle, springs, handicrafts, clean ball wire ,weaving flat wire mesh and so on.

stitching flat wire   stitching flat wire

stitching flat wire   stitching flat wire