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Products Detail


Width Thickness
600 mm 100 mm

2.Detailed Description
1.    Non-Flammability: GB8624 grade A
2.    Waterproof :Resistant to deformation in wet environments
3.    Sound proof:
4.    Strength: Bendable and impact resistant
5.    Weight: 35kg/m2
6.    Temperature Maintenance
7.    Environmental Friendly;
8.    Installation: Easy to cut, saw, nail, paint and veneer

Sound barrier  Panel thickness: 80mm, 100mm,120mm
Sound barrier  Size: 2500x500x80mm, 2500x500x100mm, etc.
Sound barrier  Metal plate thickness: 0.5-1.2mm
Sound barrier  H-post: 100x100x6x8mm, 125x125x6.5x9mm, 150x150x7x10mm, 175x175x7.5x11mm.
Sound barrier  Flange plate: 250x250x10, 300x300x10, 350x350x10, 400x400x10mm etc.
Sound barrier  Panel type: shutter type, punching type

Sound Barrier